gender bending

Say you’re good at your sport. You’re so good, in fact, that you’re one of the top contenders for a world championship crown in your chosen sport. You train hard. You are strong. Your are committed. You stretch your body and test its limits every time you enter the gym. You take pride in your successes.

There’s only one problem: because you’re a girl, you’re not allowed to wear what you want. Instead, you are asked to conform to narrow social and cultural stereotypes. Your strength. Your power. Your iron will and commitment – all of these must be cloaked within the disciplinary power of normative feminine dress.

Yes, you’re being asked to box in a miniskirt when you compete. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never worn a miniskirt in your life. What matter is that you look elegant. After all, we wouldn’t want to mix male and female athletes up.

what’s a self-respecting woman boxer to do?

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