blog hopping #1: morbid anatomy

I haven’t had this feature before, but thought it might be a fun addition to the world of fleshy tellings, tellings of the flesh.

And the first hop takes us into Morbid Anatomy:

I first found Ms. Morbid (Or Ms. M. Anatomy… or perhaps, Ms. J. Ebenstein) a few years ago, just after writing a piece on the meanings of dying and death and the rituals of burial and memory in the life and writing of Suzanne Necker. Having had to describe this research to others was sometimes excruciating. Some looked at me in horror. Others were baffled. Some, I admit, looked like they were falling asleep. But nobody really understood my fascination with the weird and wonderful world of Suzanne Necker and her remarkable burial.

Imagine my delight, then, when I stumbled upon Morbid Anatomy, “surveying the interstices of art and medicine, death and culture.” I had, quite literally, come home.

There is much to chew on here. The fanciful. The wondrous. The horrors. The magical. And, above all, as Ebenstein promises, the ways in which this all comes together: medicine becomes art becomes culture becomes death and round and through and in and out – winding, intertwining, informing, reforming each other.

From a post on a collection of horses’ teeth to articles about “curious taxidermy,”  and my favourites, the Anatomical Venus, the site’s got a bit of everything for everyone.

Not only does the blog itself introduce and juxtapose a wealth of information, images, and insights, but it’s also got a phenomenal list of links to other sites of interest.  And there’s a real museum of bits and pieces to do with bodies, death, art, medicine and culture.

Like any museum of curiosities, there’s lots to poke through here. Stay all day, if you like. You’ll find much to savour.


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