knitting it together

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been thinking and reading and writing and posting about all sorts of things. And it’s not always clear how they might fit together. Knitting. Legislation. Slavery. Family trees. It’s a big muddle (but a glorious one, I have to say).

And then along comes JoAnn Wypijewski, who ties up lots of loose ends, while keeping enough openings for further exploration.

From the end of her piece in The Nation:

The preachers and lay men and women now raising the “personhood” banner for their side have taken to calling the fetus and fertilized egg the new slave, and the movement for their legal personhood the new civil rights movement. The director of Personhood Florida compares himself to William Wilberforce, the nineteenth-century English abolitionist. A Catholic priest posting on Planned Parenthood’s “I Have a Say” video thread likens defenders of women’s bodily autonomy to slave traders. On their blogs and other propaganda the foot soldiers of this movement call Roe v. Wade a latter-day Dred Scott decision; they invoke the Thirteenth Amendment and vow to fulfill its promise.

These people are not stupid, and some are sincere, but they are wrong. They pervert morality and history in the guise of honoring both, and thing-ify women according to the logic of our cruelest past. There is another logic, and it calls us to complete the unfinished business of emancipation.


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