storied suitcase

Who wouldn’t be drawn in by a title like this: “Mystery over world war one suitcase discovered in university cupboard”?

“It was an intriguing but puzzling discovery: an old battered suitcase filled with memorabilia from the first world war lying at the back of a cupboard in the psychology department of a university.

The contents were fascinating and revealed fragments of someone’s life from more than a century ago. They included a diary, old faded photos, an autograph book with messages from German prisoners of war and a signed photograph of Queen Mary.” 

This is the kind of mystery I love…

As a child, I dreamt of attics filled with mysterious treasures rather than mountains of fiberglass insulation. This story’s got it all: Mystery – check. Suitcase – check. Diary – check. Autograph book – check. Newspaper articles – check. And a nurse. I was all over nurses as a kid.

[As an aside, what would I do without The Guardian Online?]

But seriously, check it out! I’d love to hear more about this as the pieces come together. And if you’ve got any information to share, the contact is listed in the article.



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