because you can’t have enough posts about masturbation

Or at least, that’s the theory.

Here’s a great blog post by Lisa Smith, an associate professor at the University of Saskatchewan, on women and masturbation. I’ll give you the opening; the rest is up to you:

Remember all those playground stories about masturbation causing hairy palms and blindness? Those tales go way back. During the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, much ink was spilled on the devastation that masturbation would cause. Men’s frequent self-pleasuring would destroy the fibres of their penis, and the masturbator would become effeminate, weak, infertile and leaky. The female masturbator, however, was discussed less often. But for a woman, there were two greater dangers: that she might lose control of her body and that her husband might lose control of her.

Go! Read it! It will voluptuously tickle your senses and then, maybe, you’ll understand poor young Rossary’s dilemma…


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