Thinking of brains, neurons, bodies, stories, skin, citizens… all sorts of fun stuff.

Then happened upon this and it’s sent my brain (and my body) whirling in all sorts of directions:

Not many would dispute the presence of a biological reality that is quite different from culture and that we imperfectly try to comprehend. But surely if we were without our skin and we could witness the body’s otherwise invisible processes as we chat to each other, read a presentation aloud, type away at our computers, or negotiate an intense exchange with someone we care about, we might be forced to acknowledge that perhaps the meat of the body is thinking material.[1]

Thinking bodies. Thinking flesh.

[1] Vicki Kirby, “Natural Convers(at)ions: or, what if culture was really nature all along?” in Stacy Alaimo and Susan Hekman, eds., Material Feminisms (Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 2008), 214-236, 221.

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