dancing with skin

Have a look at Anne Troake’s latest project! I had the good fortune of meeting Anne and author, Lisa Moore, earlier this year when we were all part of a round table panel organised by The Rooms. I got to learn a bit about her project then and was completely fascinated by the conceptual possibilities.

Here , she talks about it in much more detail.

And this bit below is what not only draws me in, but grabs me and demands my full attention:

So, that’s what I’ve been pushing all my technical people to achieve visually, to get onto and into the body as a landscape unto itself, and to look at those structures and movements that are a continuum with the surrounding environment. The entire film is shot outside in various locations around here in Logy Bay, and it’s really about the body and landscape as a kind of continuum. As opposed to having beautiful dancers doing really groovy dances in gorgeous places. It’s not that. It’s trying to break down the barriers of putting a frame around a human body

Have a read. It’s completely worth your while.

And then, when you’re finished reading, meander on over to the sample that she’s posted on Vimeo.


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