too much

consumption, loss of seminal liquid, infertility, lascivious or obscene dreams, weakness of breath, fevers, death, paleness, effeminacy, madness, imbecility, weight loss, disordered digestion, liver problems, bodily incapacity, paralysis, laziness, loss of intellectual capacities, palsy, nervous disorders, fainting, epilepsy, lethargy, blindness, tremors, spasms, gonorrhea, dropsy, gangrene, memory loss, disturbing dreams, pain, blindness, hearing loss, hoarseness of voice, excessive weeping, weak pulse, red face, tumours, deformity, convulsions, headaches, difficulty walking, numbness, loss of hearing, feverishness, excessive sexual desires, excessive circulation, vertigo, nightmares, insomnia, drowsiness, hypochondria, melancholy, palpitations, coughing, chest pains, intestinal problems, pox, facial disfigurement, loss of erectile function, premature ejaculation, urinary tract problems, testicular and penile tumours, hysteria, constipation, hemorrhoids, ulcers, fainting, diarrhea.

And death.

Just a few of the disastrous health effects that were believed to follow excessive engagement in the pleasures of the flesh.

Are you scared yet?


1 comment
  1. Can’t resist pointing out that this list of health complaints reads very much like the catalogued side effects of some current pharmaceuticals that are purportedly all the rage!

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