Monthly Archives: October 2013

I’ve just about dropped off the face of this blogging earth, or so it seems. A busy start to the fall this year and I feel like I’m still running. That said, there’s been lots going on, much of it inside my brain and body…things are percolating, brewing, stewing, fermenting…and those are all generative processes.


I’ve spent some quality time with my flutes again over the past few weeks: today I performed as part of Memorial University’s Fall Flute Fest (followed by an early flute petting zoo). The lineup was diverse and real kudos to organizer, Michelle Cheramy, for her ability to bring such a broad range of people together into one performance showcase! There was everything from Doppler’s completely ridiculous Concerto for two flutes and orchestra  (here’s a live recording with my friends Myra and Peter Pearse performing with their Spanish orchestra), to Irish jigs and reels, flute and electronics with Rozalind MacPhail, a spectacular arrangement of Gustav Holst’s The Planets for flute quartet, and then I played a Sonata by J. G. Graeff (ca. 1790). Kudos to Michelle for organizing this day of flutishness for Newfoundland and Labrador based flutists, and for bringing in guest artist, Jack Chen, from Halifax.