More on my quest to return to a more handwritten world (and yes, as I type this post, I am feeling the irony….). Here’s a short piece about what happened when a woman decided to send all her text messages in handwritten form:

I decided to blend a newfound interest in calligraphy with my lifelong passion for written correspondence to create a new kind of text messaging. The idea: I wanted to message friends using calligraphic texts for one week. The average 18-to-24-year-old sends and gets something like 4,000 messages a month, which includes sending more than 500 texts a week, according to Experian. The week of my experiment, I only sent 100. (I was 24 at the time.)

I think differently when I write by hand. I think in words, ideas, images. On a keyboard, I think in strokes… individual letters and the rhythms they produce when they are brought together.

Where might your handwriting take you?


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