shadow selfies

…otherwise known as the only way that a person who doesn’t own a cell phone and runs away from cameras will ever take and publish a selfie.

The sun was bright. The snow was crunchy. The shadows were long. And my camera couldn’t resist. That’s my story, anyway.

What did I learn? Shadows are an awful lot of fun! You can play hide and seek. You can photograph “through” them. You can hide in them. You can transform yourself into the michelin man, into an inukshuk, into the tallest person on the planet. And you can point the camera in any direction and get a completely different vision of yourself. Take a look –








I might hate taking selfies, but I can see their appeal. I’m also absolutely and utterly fascinated by the whole phenomenon of the selfie. There’s a special section on selfies coming soon in the International Journal of Communication, and in it, an essay by Beth Pentney and yours truly on breastfeeding selfies, self branding, and virtual lactivism.


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